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E M Safdar

Founder - CEO

Our Business is based in UAE and has been working in different kinds of businesses for a long time like Hotels, Restaurants, Telecommunications , Suppliers and General Order Takers including Pakistan. Trying to provide great services in the Telecommunications Call Center industry with our great team members to fully fill the clients requirements. 

“Figure out where you get your power from and tap into that power”

Overseas Companies

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Business Marketing Hover - UAE

We are providing Marketing , Recruitment and Building Cleaning Services in UAE. 

Shop4Shoppers - UAE

Trying to provide best quality items from our online store to consumer in UAE. 


We provide Superior services that satisfy customer needs. We will maintain a high level of ethics,teamwork and professionalism while demonstrating a caring attitude towards employees and customers. 


To help small to medium sized businesses in the UAE grow through strategic marketing and business consultancy.Continually strive to produce the highest level of marketing advice to our clients Focus on creativity and innovation in everything we do. Improve our service delivery and ensure that we are open to new markets and new ideas. 

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RSA Overseas Recruitment


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